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This morning I completed the FINRA entitlement packet for access to the IARD system. If you don’t know what that means be thankful. One of the required fields on the form was a fax number. Required. Fax number. Fax numbers should not be required for any business in 2013. 

Fortunately we have this thing called the internet that provides things like fax services for free. I went to FaxBetter.com and signed up for a free services that includes a toll free number and up to 20 incoming pages a month. Free is my favorite price. Setup was fast and user interface is intuitive. Its really good work.

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3 Responses to fax for free

  1. Marty Morua says:

    Do you remember beepers? After graduating college in 91′ EVERYONE had a beeper. I knew a guy with 3 of them. He was in real estate. Now, I think they are as foreign as a rotary phone or turntable. Fax machines……. ah the memories 🙂

  2. ngamblin says:

    Thanks for commenting Marty.

    I experienced one unsettling issue with faxbetter.com that I want to share. Apparently they reuse and reassign their toll free numbers. I received a fax today that clearly wasn’t meant for me. I won’t reveal what it was, I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

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