fear of success

As a part time entrepreneur one of the things I take in to consideration is becoming too successful to quickly. I have a family, a day job that I enjoy, a social life and other obligations. I don’t want to commit myself to too much initially.

That is why one of my goals for my first year is to limit myself to 12 clients. I should have more than enough time to provide excellent service to 12 clients. And I will probably make more mistakes with my first clients and I need to take time to learn from those mistakes.

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1 Response to fear of success

  1. Marty Morua says:

    As time marches on, what might happen is eventually you fall deeply in love with that ”part-time” entrepreneurial business and grow to a point where the ”day job” will take a back seat. I know MANY RIA’s who were in the exact situation. They started to grow, and then stopped their day job to embrace their RIA practice eventually hiring someone because of their successful growth.
    You never know.

    Best of Luck Nick!


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