iard is a four letter word


Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein

I see that quote on twitter about once a week. I thought it might not pertain to me. I was wrong.

I submitted my ADV part 1, without part 2 attached on the IARD system. My first mistake that I know of in starting my business. When you are filing a firm ADV and you get to part 2 the website says:

ImageSo I thought, submit ADV Part 1 filing, then attach part 2. But you are supposed to start the submit filing process, then attach part 2 then submit filing for ADV part 1 & 2. Get it?

I didn’t.

I should finish up part 2 tonight then I will amend my filing. My first mistake, it won’t be my last. Probably.

UPDATE: July 1, 2013. I finished my ADV Part 2A and Part 2B and submitted my amended filing. Yeah!

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