readers are leaders


I just finished reading The Halo Effect by Phil Rosenzweig. Wow, what a great companion to Blue Ocean Strategy the last book I read. Rosenzweig exposes the fallacy behind the “scientific” approach of business and management books that claim to reveal the secret to successful businesses.  The author writes with conviction and intellectual honesty (with no small amount of sarcasm) in a genre that I now see often slips into anecdotal storytelling.

I still believe there are principles that, if followed, will lead to success. But those principles will not be discovered by researching the most successful companies and doing exactly what they do. The secret to success is not Human Resources Management or Corporate Social Responsibility or a strong corporate culture.

In my new company and my life the focus will be on helping others, continuous improvement and personal integrity. These principles are not new or unique to me; not some sneaky trick to success. They are a guide. It is who I want to be as a leader and a person.

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